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Perdida Cabello : In the life of a man suffering from hair loss and thinning, pu ò seem a consequence obliged dictated by advancing et à. Actually à it is a commonplace, that we must fight and discredit, because é most men begin to lose hair in young et à, often before the age of 30. Hair loss in humans should not be underestimated: act quickly to remedy the situation after the first signs of thinning and receding hairline instead è the key to limit the fall, and prevent the onset of baldness. Unfortunately, many men consider hair loss a natural occurrence related to the et à and decide to rely on the experts when the situation degenerated è and ù no longer controllable. Hair loss è a problem not to be underestimated: often it has an impact on the psychological sphere, interpersonal and social relations. Many men who suffer from alopecia, in fact, complain of difficulty in approaching the opposite sex à who are experiencing and are ashamed about the situation of their hair. Hair loss in men è due to several factors: because maybe pi ù known è androgenetic alopecia, è hair loss with the characteristics of succession. To counteract hair loss modern trichology è been active for years in the field of scientific research, to create drugs that can help stop hair loss and promote new growth, if the follicles are still productive. The best way to check the status of your hair and see if è can avoid being bald young et à è to undergo a check-up hair. Some hairdressers can perform an analysis of your hair and help you understand the best strategies to prevent and treat hair loss.

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16 Jan 19



Our perception capacity is partial, so we capture reality in a biased way, between generalizations, eliminations and distortions. Our brain has the ability to add or modify parts in order to obtain a comprehensible whole. The hairstylists wanted to focus on the concept of the “point of view”, fixing the attention to make visible the invisible, to convey with precision, in detail, the excellent aspects of each image.

Collection: Punto De Mira
Ph: Oliver Viladoms Studio
Make-up: Pelsynera
Stylist: Pelsynera


16 Jan 19

Androgene Collection is created with structure and shape. Each look is suited and groomed to illustrate an 80’s aesthetic. Graphic shapes but with movement and texture and strong block colour created on real hair.

Collection: Androgene
Ph: John Rawson @ TRP
Make-up: Marika D’Ateuille
Stylist: Fritz


15 Jan 19

griff mira

BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine
dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e
si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero !

GRIFF PARRUCCHIERI ESTETICA situato all'interno del centro
commerciale di Mira, cittadina veneta, si organizza su 200 mq,
ripartiti tra il reparto di estetica e quello di acconciatura.
Qui i clienti possono godere di momenti assoluto relax, curando sia
la salute dei capelli, sia quella del corpo, con la serenità che solo
chi sa di trovarsi in ottime mani può provare.

Sfoglia la rivista online !

Via Dante Alighieri, 10 - MIRA (VE) - Italia
Tel. 041 423025

15 Jan 19


Il 17 e il 18 marzo 2019 si terrà al Cosmoprof Bologna, fiera dedicata alla bellezza, la terza edizione dell'UBS - United Barbers Show®, il campionato mondiale dei barbieri. 
5.000 barbieri si raduneranno in occasione di Cosmoprof a Bologna Fiere nel Padiglione 35 con l'obiettivo di stimolare il settore.
Nelle due giornate è previsto un susseguirsi di spettacoli, performance, workshop e sfide. Saranno infatti 60 i barbieri suddivisi in 4 categorie a sfidarsi in :

- Taglio old school
- Taglio classico all'italiana
- Taglio 2019 
- Migliore barbieressa

15 Jan 19

Olga GarcÍa


Rebeldes is a collection inspired by those musicians or painters who revolutionized in some way the world that surrounded them during the 20th century and that, of course, moved the hairstylist at some point. Names like Freddie Mercury, Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan or The Ramones and their manes represent all the bad guys of rock that made us spend so many good times in concert.

Collection: Rebeldes
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Wilder Rodríguez
Stylist: Aaron Gil


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